Weight loss

1. Weight loss treatment (reaching optimal weight):‎ ‎
Quick, easy weight loss, reduction in appetite, and losing weight without feeling hungry – these are the principles of Dr. Oded Rudnizky’s weight loss method.

The method is unique in its combination of alternative and convential methods of treatment, while relating to the psychological aspects connected with the process. This is an individual treatment, adapted to everyone personally according to:

  • The patient’s preferences
  • Their life-style
  • Their state of health
  • Their age
  • Their sex

The process of treatment:‎ ‎
An initial consultation with Dr. Rudnizky to choose the suitable course of treatment for the individual and determine a target for weight loss.
A weekly appointment with Dr. Rudnizky.

Treatment which suppresses hunger and increases the feeling of satiation.
The treatments also speed up the action of the body’s metabolism.
Nutritional counseling and supervision by a clinical dietician who builds a diet for the patient according to Dr. Oded Rudnizky’s method; the menu includes all the essential nutrients, is suited personally to the patient and changes during the course of the treatment.

Psychological support and building a follow-up framework.
2.‎ ‎Maintaining weight
You don’t need to cope alone with the task of maintaining your weight.‎
In Dr. Rudnizky’s clinic you will be accompanied along this path.
A different style suits each person when they begin the task of keeping to the desired weight they have reached. It is very important that you enjoy maintaining your great achievement – the objective that you have set yourself as a target.
This involves building a defined personal framework of meetings at fixed intervals, where the distance betweeen each meeting increases as the process of maintaining weight advances successfully.
Anything goes – it’s important to know that during the maintenance process you’re allowed to eat anything! In this period, you return to a nutritional routine, and the professional guidance helps you to maintain your weight.
Supervision – constant professional supervision makes you take responsibility for the process and enables you to acquire the skill of maintaining your weight for the rest of your life.