Treatment of cellulitis

Treatment of cellulitis is carried out using an innovative method;
the method which has conquered the world!

sop-resize-400-celluliteThe treatment, which is carried out by a doctor, breaks up the cellulite cells, dissolves the fat in the cells, and restores fat-blocked cellulite cells to a normal, healthy state.

After the cells return to normal functioning, with a sound flow of blood, the treatment results in smooth, aesthetic skin, and gives the skin flexibility and a young appearance. As the local fat is dissolved, this results in a significant reduction in the measurements of the areas treated and the body becomes firmer.

You will feel the difference from the first treatment.
What are the advantages of this method?

  • The only treatment that breaks up the cellulite cells and prevents them from forming again in the future!
  • Ultimate breaking up of the cellulite cells – the cellulite does not return after treatment.
  • Fast results – results clearly visible after the first treatment.
  • Reduction in measurements and a firmer body.
  • The waste matter which has accumulated in the cellulite cells is removed and exits the body naturally.
  • Improvement in the formation of collagen in the skin in the areas treated.
  • Local treatment in problematic areas – double chins, hands, etc.
  • Suitable for men and women of all ages!