Concealing veins and capillaries

Unique treatment of veins and capillaries of up to 4 mm, using an innovative method with a high success rate, without injections or surgery,‎ in all parts of the body:‎ legs, arms, face, nose, ears, etc.

Age takes its toll and over the years veins become prominent and uncomfortable. Today about 30–50% of women and about 20% of men throughout the world suffer from problems of prominent veins and capillaries, mainly in the legs and face.

sop-resize-400-legsThe causes of prominent veins are usually heredity, excess weight, standing for extended periods, strenuous physical work, contraceptive pills containing estrogen, leg injuries, etc.‎ ‎Sometimes the problem is not just aesthetic but a problem with health implications.

Using the world’s most advanced laser appliance, the laser beam is absorbed by the small blood vessels, heats all the blood vessels and causes the vein to vanish from sight.
This treatment is very effective in causing prominent webs of veins (spider veins) to vanish – red and blue capillaries alike.

In fact, after laser treatment, the capillaries are simply absorbed into the body.‎ ‎The treatment lasts a few minutes for each capillary, and usually after only one treatment the treated capillary vanishes. Six weeks later the patient comes to the clinic for a check up, and sometimes an additional treatment session is necessary.