Dr. Oded Rudnizky completed his medical studies in 1982. He completed his internship in the Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv.‎


He then continued to work in the hospital’s surgical ward for another two years and completed his specialization in the internal medicine ward of Hadassah Hospital.


Over the years Dr. Rudnizky has completed many specializations in Israel and abroad in the field of medical aesthetics and he puts his knowledge and extensive experience into practice in order to give his patients a younger, fresher and healthier appearance and amend aesthetic deficiencies.


The aesthetic treatments take place without the use of surgery and the results are immediate.


Dr. Rudnizky wrote his doctoral thesis on acupuncture, and in it he researched the ways in which acupuncture can help diabetes paitents. An article on his thesis was published in the American Journal of Acupuncture and since then he has continued to progress in this field, has discovered the amazing virtues of Chinese medicine and developed new methods of treatment.


In 1985 Dr. Oded Rudnizky opened his own clinic in Beit HaRofim (The Doctors’ House), 18 Reiness Street, Tel Aviv, one of the first clinics in Israel to specialize in acupuncture and other treatments in the field of alternative medicine and aesthetic medicine.


Over the years, he has developed the Dr. Rudnizky Weight Loss method, which is unique in its successful combination of Chinese medicine with conventional medicine, while relating to the psychological elements of the process.


This method has been implemented successfully with thousands of satisfied patients, among them many celebrities: leading politicians, media personalities, CEOs in leading companies, etc.


In recent years Dr. Rudnizky encountered the field of laser appliances in his studies abroad and has brought the latest word in this field to his clinic. Special laser treatments and unique combinations of elements suited to each patient’s personal requirements are used In Dr. Rudnizky’s clinic. Dr. Rudnizky has also appeared many times in the media in many news articles on the radio and television.


Dr. Rudnizky is a member of the Israeli Association for Aesthetic Medicine and the Israel Society of Mesotherapy and he continues to study in Israel and abroad with the best experts in the fields of aesthetic medicine.


“When I manage to help patients overcome aesthetic or medical problems which they have suffered from for many years, I am moved every time by the depth and wisdom of medicine. I am grateful for the privilege that I have been given to help people and make them healthier and happier,” says Dr. Rudnizki.


Dr. Rudnizky’s principles

Meeting the highest medical standards.
The highest level of quality, professionalism and expertise.
Meticulous supervision, professional, courteous, and efficient customer service.
Maximum safety at all stages of treatment.
Medical treatment suited individually to every client.



As part of his medical teaching and his method of treatment, Dr Oded Rudnizky and the employees in his medical center give his patients a range of treatments using the most advanced technologies in Israel and the world, while insisting on:
Professional quality
The highest standards of service
Meticulous supervision